Revealing Questionable Practices with Caravan and Motorhome Builds

This is a very competitive field in Australia which leads manufacturers to put effort into maximising visual appeal within the vans they sell so they can obtain the best sale price.

An example of this in the automotive world is that nearly all new cars are fitted with an amazing array of driver aids and comforts, but they are often supplied with a wet cell starting battery. This is the cheapest type of battery that will start a car.

Personally, I have not used a wet cell battery in any of my cars for about 20 years. I use a battery that is expensive to buy but cheap to own as I often get 8 to 12 years of life from each battery and don’t suffer the inconvenience of non starting every few years.

In the world of Caravan and RV manufacturing in Australia it seems that it is not just older vans that need attention, but it is mainly standard newer vans that have the greater number of DC electrical mistakes. We correct these mistakes to ensure that installation of DC components are done correctly to enhance the camping experience.

As Australia is a huge continent, we not only fix problems but we provide upgrades so the customer can Free Camp, enjoy peace and quiet with no need to book into a van park and pay fees.

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