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Maggiolina Range

When it comes to adventure holidays, there’s no need to waste time searching around for accommodation. And you will have no worries finding a place to pitch your tent before night rolls around.

With the Maggiolina range of roof top tents featuring an aerodynamic design, it’s the perfect choice for vehicles of all sizes, makes and models.

Featuring a roomy interior even when zipped up closed, the Maggiolina range of tents affords a simple silhouette with a great look.

Best of all, the Autohome range of tents can be raised by using only one hand. Perfect for Grey Nomads and independent travelers.

  • Airlander
  • Airlander Plus
  • Airlander Plus 360 X-large
  • Grand Tour
  • Grand Tour 360
  • Extreme
  • Extreme Forest
  • Carbon Fiber

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Sintesi Gamma Airtop

The most popular of the Autohome range of roof top tents. The Airtop Range comes with roof awnings made entirely of fiberglass, ensuring the highest standards of quality. Impregnated with polyester or liquid resins, the fiberglass is extra durable and sturdy and is perfect for all outdoor conditions.

Available in a range of different sizes, colours and volumes, you will be spoilt for choice when reviewing the range.

  • Airtop
  • Airtop Plus
  • Airtop 360
  • Airtop Black Edition
  • Mini Autohome

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Columbus Range

Featuring as standard two doors and one window, the Columbus roof top tent is your best choice.

With fluid, clean and pleasing to the eye style, the Columbus tent is the perfect fit for even the smallest of cars.

Available in a range of modern colours and sizes, the roof top tent shell opens automatically for your convenience.

The range of Columbus roof top tents currently include:

  • Columbus
  • Columbus Variant
  • Columbus Carbon Fiber
  • Columbus Black Edition

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