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Dual Battery Setup and Installation for Campervans, Caravans & 4x4s

A dual battery system can either be portable or installed in your vehicle as an added solar panel or through the cars alternator. It allows you to charge a second battery, minimising the risk that you ever run out of power while using your lights, fridge and various other camping accessories.

Nimbus specialises in dual battery installation, auxiliary battery setup and dual battery setup. We work with caravan and motorhome owners of all sizes to ensure they have a full battery and cold fridge throughout every adventure.

What is a Dual Battery System?

A dual battery system is two or more batteries setup inside a vehicle that are used to power accessories. Dual battery setup can be simple or complex with the basic using an automatic switch.

The more complex setups use different charging sources such as the DC-DC and 240-Volt AC chargers, which are designed to be a more efficient charging solution. Dual battery systems are essential for anyone who wants to keep their gear powered up, without the risk of running their battery flat.

Where is the Best Place for a Second Battery?

There are a few options for dual battery system installation. These include:

  • Under the bonnet
  • Behind seats
  • Under canopy areas
  • In the Ute tray
  • In rear load space

A Nimbus expert will consult with you and your vehicle to decide the best place for your dual battery setup. Often, the second battery doesn’t have to be permanently fixed in the vehicle. A popular option is to have it set as a removable battery box so it can be used in various areas around a campsite.

How Do You Install a Dual Battery?

Nimbus have been providing campervan dual battery system installation and setup for years. Firstly, we’ll assess your requirements and space available in your vehicle. We work with each client closely to determine the best place for their dual battery system. A few services we provide include:

  • Auxiliary battery setup
  • Dual battery setup for fridge
  • Dual battery setup in Ute tray
  • 4×4 dual battery setup
  • Dual battery system setup

What is the Best Dual Battery System Setup?

Nimbus can provide high quality single 100Ah, 200Ah or 300Ah AGM batteries which benefit from a long life. We also stock Pylontech lithium batteries, which are incased in steel and extremely fire resistant.

After independent tests, these batteries provide 132 amp hours and last for an average of 4,000 cycles, compared to the usual 1,000 cycles. The best dual battery system setup for you will depend on your usage and vehicle wiring which we can advise on.

Auxiliary Battery Setup and Charging

An auxiliary battery is used in a 4WD, caravan, motorboat or boat to power items such as a fridge, microwave, TV, inverter and various other creature comforts. We recommend a DC-DC charger for your auxiliary battery because it’s easy to install and doesn’t require wire to be connected to the ignition. It’s also smart enough to turn on and off again by itself, according to power needs. DC-DC booster features include:

  • Easy to mount under the bonnet
  • Should be mounted next to the auxiliary battery
  • 3 or 4 boosters can be connected in parallel for large battery banks
  • Versatile and suitable for all modern vehicles including boats, caravans and motorhomes

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