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And if you need a rooftop vehicle tent for your next camping adventure, we are proud to be the exclusive Australian supplier for Autohome.

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1.9Kw Solar and 3 Kw Air Con Fitted to Van Roof 3 17

Caravan Spotlight

One of our customers came to us asking to make his caravan completely self-sufficient. We installed:

  • 1.9Kw of our high efficiency solar panels on the roof
  • 800Ah battery supply 12vdc
  • 3 kw refrigerated 12V dc air conditioner
  • Induction cook top (he has no need for gas)
  • Dimmable LED lighting
  • Meterage so he always knows what % his batteries are
  • 3000 W pure sine wave inverter.
  • 2 off 12 V compressor fridges/freezer
  • Ozone water purification system

We recently heard back from them:

“The job you have done on the caravan must be very, very good as I have not used external power to charge the 12 volt batteries since we connected the solar to the batteries in Adelaide. Even on a cloudy, rainy day the batteries were down to 76% after breakfast and were back to 100% sometime during the day. I was also able to use a 240V fan heater off the inverter during cold evenings which would take the batteries down further but still back to 100% again before next nightfall. My running costs are food only, which is what I was hoping to achieve.”

If you want to make your caravan self-sufficient, contact us today!

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